Attention WGH students who plan on attending a college or trade school -Click here to read about and apply for scholarships!  You may also scroll down to the bottom of this page for direct links.

Scholarship application with pen, notebooks and papers

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November:Warren G. Harding High School's Guidance Department Newsletter for November

Scholarship Information

Click the links below to apply for the following Scholarships:

*Must be a senior enrolling in a college or tech school next year
*Majoring in Art is NOT required
*Must submit pictures of a piece of art and an explanation of it's inspiration AND be willing to donate the art to the Strive Together headquarters in Cincinnati if selected.  

*Senior athletes 
* Minimum GPA 3.0
*Planning to attend any post-high school training
*Due April 20 to Guidance
*Copies of this one will be distributed next week.  
*No formal application
*Minority seniors from Mahoning or Trumbull Counties
*2 recommendations from former teachers
*300+ word essay explaining why you should be granted this scholarship
*Deadline3/27 to Guidance

Eastern Gateway Community College (April 9)

There are 30+ scholarships on this application. Please read and indicate which scholarships you are eligible to apply for.  Deadline April 9 to Guidance.  

Men's Garden Club of Youngstown--due to Guidance 2/26

*Minimum 3.0
*Planning to major in horticulture, floriculture, or landscape design
*Applicants may be of both genders, not limited to men
*Students planning to major in performing arts or theater management.
*Must submit a DVD demonstrating their talent
*No GPA requirement


The Mahoning Valley Credit Union Outreach Alliance Scholarship is now taking applications.  Students only need immediate family who are members of a local credit union in good standing.  

Due March 26 to Guidance. 

Trumbull Memorial Health Foundation---Deadline Feb.26 to Guidance
*For residents of Trumbull County
*Minimum GPA 3.0
*Must be pursuing a degree or certification in a healthcare field
*Awards vary
The Woman's Board of Youngstown--Deadline Feb 26 to Guidance
*For residents of the Mahoning Valley
*Students pursuing a degree in nursing
*Minimum GPA 3.0
*May be renewable
The ATHENA Scholarship--Deadline Feb 26 to Guidance
*Women residing in the Mahoning Valley
*Planning to attend (or already enrolled in) YSU, KSU (regional campuses), or EGCC
*May attend full or part time
The Jean Rider Scholarship Fund--Deadline Feb 26 to Guidance
*Must have Type 1 insulin dependent diabetes
*Resident of Mahoning, Trumbull, or Columbiana Counties
*Minimum GPA 3.0
Ohio Gas Association--Deadline March 12 to Guidance
*$1,000 renewable
*3.0 minimum GPA
*Open to students studying MANY types of majors, not just STEM.  The list is in the attachment.
Ohio Oil and Gas Energy Ed Program---Deadline Feb 26 to Guidance
*$1,000 renewable
*2.5 minimum GPA
*Student should state that they plan to work in the crude oil and natural gas industry

Tom Holden Memorial Scholarship 

*Students write a 30 second PSA for a local non-profit organization chosen from the list on their website.  
*At, click on "Caring for Our Community" for more information
*Deadline March 1
*Part of the OH-MI Assoc of Career Colleges and Schools "LEADS" application
*Planning to study Aviation Maintenance Technology
*Must have a community or civic leader sign the nomination form
*Deadline March 29 to Guidance
*Awards vary, but last year was $6,250 to 20 students
*Financial need is considered
*Due April 12 to Guidance
The following scholarships are all on the linked application.  Students just check which one(s) they are applying for.  Deadline to Guidance is March 12
*Any student planning studies in STEM with particular interest in metallurgy. 
*Students planning to study a natural science, such as wildlife management, wildlife restoration, ecotourism, etc.  
*Financial need will be considered
*Students pursuing international studies
* Students planning further training after high school, not limited to colleges. 
*Financial need will be considered.  
 Love Charity Alms, Inc.  "Martha J .Hill"  
*Any senior planning to attend a 2 or 4 year college or trade school.
*2.8 GPA
*Most of our students should apply for this (Did you hear that, TCTC?) 
*Deadline May 3 to Guidance
*Seniors planning to attend a 2 or 4 year college full time
*2.5 GPA
*Black African descent
*Deadline Feb 26 to Guidance
Nick Frankos Memorial---Warren students only (including JFK)
*Any senior athlete who has participated in community or school service 
*Deadline March 27 to Guidance
 *Seniors who have played Varsity Tennis
*Deadline March 30 to Guidance

TCESC (March 6)The following Trumbull County Educational Service Center scholarships are now open using the one attached application.  All applications must be returned to Guidance by March 6.

~~First Place Community Fund--$1,000  GPA 3.0 and participation in school/community activities.  One student will be chosen from each public high school (and JFK), as well as one from TCTC.   There are also 23 $500 awards to seniors continuing their education. 
~~Loren Hunter---WGH seniors only
~~Marae Ohl--Ten nonrenewable $1,000 awards are available.  Financial need is a factor.
~~Rotary Club of Warren---Two nonrenewable $1,000 awards are available (1 for a WGH senior and 1 for Trumbull County combined.  Students must have a verified learning or physical disability and demonstrate financial need.
~~Stanley L. and Grace A. Woofter---Two nonrenewable $1,500 scholarships are available.  Applicants must have a verified learning or physical disability, demonstrate scholarship, achievement, participation in activities, and financial need.
~~Trumbull County Scholarship---Preference given to students of Children's Services Board, then students demonstrating scholarship and participation in activities.  Last year's awards were $500.
~~Trumbull County Superintendent Assoc Scholarship---$500---One award to a senior from a public high school majoring in education.  Essay required and proof of a 3.0 in the first semester in college.  

Lee J. Brockway Scholarship (March 30, 2018) $1,000.  Application must be submitted via email to the address on the application.  It is intended for seniors going into engineering, construction management, architecture, facility planning, etc.  There is an essay requirement.  Deadline 3/30  


Wolves Club (March 6) for any senior in Trumbull County showing academic proficiency (no minimum GPA).  Maybe be asked to interview and demonstrate financial need.  Due to Guidance March 6

ACIM/Wolves(March 6) for seniors of ITALIAN-American ancestry only. Minimum GPA 2.5.  (This is affiliated but different from the one above)   Due to Guidance March 6.
Delta Alpha Lambda Scholarship (February 13) is for African American men from Northeast Ohio with a 3.0 GPA. Due to Guidance February 13

OSU Alumni scholarship (January 24)   If you are planning on attending The Ohio State University, check out this scholarship opportunity. Follow the directions listed in the link above.  Turn application in to guidance by January 24th.

Otterbein University Music Scholarships.The Young Artist Scholarship at Otterbein University awards $30,000 to 5 students majoring in music. An audition is required. Click on the link for more details.

 Groth and Associates---July 31, 2018---$1,000.  Online application with essay: Discuss difficulties or hardships you have personally overcome. 

The Community Foundation has opened their local scholarship search site.  It is very comprehensive and many of the scholarships are quite specific, but there are many that our students will find themselves eligible for.
B.Davis Scholarship--May 22, 2018---Essay--Describe the 3 characteristics of leadership you value most.  Discuss why you believe that these traits are so important and how you feel they are developed in an individual.  $1,000.    Online application.
WACE Merit Scholarships (-Feb 15, 2018)---a co-op scholarship program for students planning to attend certain universities (Toledo and Cincinnati are on the list)  Application is online. 

VFW Young American Patriotic Art (March 25, 2018)

VFW Young American Patriotic Art---Students submit artwork that is patriotic in theme on paper or canvas.  Submit to Guidance by March 25, 2018 

Elks Most Valuable Student:

Judged on scholarship, leadership, and financial need.  Up to $50,000 over 4 years.  

Elks Legacy Awards:

Awarded to children or grandchildren of current Elks members up to $4,000.  Judged on core values of the Elks National Foundation: Knowledge, Charity, Community Service, and Integrity.  Online application.


Grade Level Status

For the official records, credits earned determine grade level placement. Grade level placement will be determined in the following manner:

      • Freshman 4.75 credits and below
      • Sophomore 5 – 10 credits
      • Junior 10.25 – 16.75 credits
      • Senior 17 or more credits

NCAA Resources

Warren G. Harding High School Graduation Requirements:

Graduation Requirements include the specific Credit Hours  described below PLUS an assessment as also described below:

21 Total Credits:

      • Four (4) credits in English
      • One half (.5) credit of Health
      • Four (4) credits in Math – must include 1 unit of algebra II or the equivalent of algebra II.
      • One half (.5) credit of Physical Education – ½ unit requires (2) PE classes.
      • Three (3) credits in Science (Physical, Biology) – Science units must include 1 unit of physical sciences, 1 unit of life sciences, and 1 unit advanced study in one or more of the following sciences: chemistry, physics, or other physical science; advanced biology or other life science; astronomy, physical geology, or other earth or space science.
      • Three (3) credits in Social Studies (World Studies, U.S. History, Government) – Social Studies units must include 1 unit of American History and 1 unit of American Government.
      • One half (.5) credit of Financial Literacy (embedded in American Government course)
      • One (1) credit Fine Arts
      • Five (5) Elective Credits

Assessment Options: End of Course Exams, ACT, SAT,or Industrial Credentialing

  • End of Course Exams (5points available on each exam):
    • 4 Pts from ELA I and ELA II
    • 4 Pts from Algebra I and Geometry
    • 10 Pts from Biology (or Physical Science for the class of 2018 only), American History, and American Government.
    • 18 Total Points
  • ACT
    • A score of 22 in Reading
    • A score of 18 in English
    • A score of 22 in Math
  • SAT
    • A score of 480 in EBRW
    • A score of 530 in Math