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If you are a current student at Warren G. Harding High School and need your transcripts, click here for directions on how to obtain them through Naviance.

If you are a past student please call the guidance office at 330-841-2316 ext. 2488 for assistance in retrieving your transcripts.


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Senior Information

Seniors, register now for one of two YSU Penguin Preview Days.  You'll have time to tour the campus and learn more about their academic offerings.  The deadline for the Nov 2 day is Oct 30 and the deadline for the Nov 30 day is November 27.  Register online at

For more information click on the link below:

FALL 2018 PenguinPreview Poster

The Ohio State University:  The Deadline to Apply for OSU's Merit scholarships is November 1st.  Click Here for more information.

Cement Masons and Plasterers Apprenticeship---They often will work with you, even if you don't have a diploma yet!   Can earn $26.68 hourly plus benefits upon completion of the apprenticeship.   

Are you interested in Joining the Military after graduating?  Click here to read about the steps you must take if you want to enlist.

Read about the different careers available through the military.

Scholarship Information

Scholarship application with pen, notebooks and papersClick on the links below to learn more about the Scholarships offered to the Class of 2019: 

VFW Voice of Democracy(due October 31, 2018)

VFW Patriotic Art Contest (Due March 31, 2019)

*$500 non-renewable  
*22 minimum composite ACT
*Student must have a clear career goal and have overcome a personal challenge.
*Online app only at 

Guidance Department Staff

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Guidance Secretary
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Counselor/Test Coordinator
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Special Education Services

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Supervisor of Special Education
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Case Manager
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Special Education Secretary
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Grade Level Status

For the official records, credits earned determine grade level placement. Grade level placement will be determined in the following manner:

      • Freshman 4.75 credits and below
      • Sophomore 5 – 10 credits
      • Junior 10.25 – 16.75 credits
      • Senior 17 or more credits

NCAA Resources

Warren G. Harding High School Graduation Requirements:

Graduation Requirements include the specific Credit Hours  described below PLUS an assessment as also described below:

21 Total Credits:

      • Four (4) credits in English
      • One half (.5) credit of Health
      • Four (4) credits in Math – must include 1 unit of algebra II or the equivalent of algebra II.
      • One half (.5) credit of Physical Education – ½ unit requires (2) PE classes.
      • Three (3) credits in Science (Physical, Biology) – Science units must include 1 unit of physical sciences, 1 unit of life sciences, and 1 unit advanced study in one or more of the following sciences: chemistry, physics, or other physical science; advanced biology or other life science; astronomy, physical geology, or other earth or space science.
      • Three (3) credits in Social Studies (World Studies, U.S. History, Government) – Social Studies units must include 1 unit of American History and 1 unit of American Government.
      • One half (.5) credit of Financial Literacy (embedded in American Government course)
      • One (1) credit Fine Arts
      • Five (5) Elective Credits

Assessment Options: End of Course Exams, ACT, SAT,or Industrial Credentialing

  • End of Course Exams (5points available on each exam):
    • 4 Pts from ELA I and ELA II
    • 4 Pts from Algebra I and Geometry
    • 10 Pts from Biology (or Physical Science for the class of 2018 only), American History, and American Government.
    • 18 Total Points
  • ACT
    • A score of 22 in Reading
    • A score of 18 in English
    • A score of 22 in Math
  • SAT
    • A score of 480 in EBRW
    • A score of 530 in Math