Warren City School District is immersed in the Ohio Improvement Process (OIP).  With the help of State Support Team 5 (SSTR 5), Warren developed a three year (from 2014 through the end of the 2017 school year) wide plan for improvement.  Our improvement plan is focused on three target areas:  Leadership, Culture and Climate, and Academics.  Goals are written for each target area supported by strategies and actions steps that are meant to help the district meet the goals written.  The Warren School District OIP Plan continuously monitors adult implementation and student performance.   Each year, the District reviews the 3-year OIP Plan and the progress the District made in implementation of the strategies towards meeting our goals; therefore, the plan is a fluid document.

Additionally, each building in the Warren City School District, after reviewing the current school year’s focus and analysis of building needs, determines what actions steps they will employ at the building this year to meet the strategies and goals set forth in the district plan.

After careful reflection and monitoring with the SSTR 5, the OIP  Plan for the Warren  City School District will focus on two goals: climate and academics.  Details and specifics of Year 2, the 2015-2016 school year, of the three year OIP Plan can be found below.  A link to the entire plan, including action steps and measures, is found below.

OIP 2017-2020,2021

Mission and Non-negotiables 2017-2020

Year Two (2015-2016) Focus

2014-17 District Plan – Academic

2014-17 District Plan – Leadership

2014-17 District Plan – Climate

SEL crosswalk 6-8-2020 update

Crosswalk 6-8-2020 update