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Administration Building

105 High Street NE, 44481 – Phone 330-841-2321
Superintendent/Chief Executive Officer: Steve Chiaro
Chief Academic Officer: Wendy Hartzell
Associate Superintendent of Student Services,
Student Wellness & Success: Dante Capers
Treasurer: Karen Sciortino
Executive Director, Business Operations: John Lacy
Executive Director, Special Education: Jennifer Hoffmann
Executive Director, State & Federal Programs: Christine Bero
Executive Director, Curriculum and Instruction: Regina Teutsch
Supervisor of Community Outreach
& Grant Development: Jill Merolla
Supervisor of Technology: Danielle Miller


600 Roanoke Avenue SE, 44483 – Phone 330-841-2265
Supervisor: Dora Selbe

Warren G. Harding High School

860 Elm Road NE, 44483 – Phone 330-841-2316
Principal: Sandra Williams
9th Grade Assistant Principal: Janis Ulicny
10th-11th Grade Assistant Principal: Holly Seimetz
12th Grade Assistant Principal: James Rasile
Supervisor of School Improvement: Jennifer Cambareri
Supervisor of Special Education: Amy Clementi
Teacher on Special Assignment: Jodi Austin-Brown


860 Elm Road NE, 44483 – Phone 330-392-8425
Athletic Director: Bill Nicholson

An image with photos of each of our main school buildings

Jefferson PK-8

1543 Tod Avenue SW, 44485 – Phone 330-675-6960
PK-2 Pod Principal: Carrie Boyer
3-5 Pod Principal: Sonya Marshall
6-8 Pod Principal: Gary Israel
Supervisor of School Improvement: Heidi Cope-Barker
Teacher on Special Assignment
                  of Special Education: Mesa Morlan

Lincoln PK-8

2253 Atlantic Street NE, 44483 – Phone 330-373-4500
PK-2 Pod Principal: Treva Pytlik
3-5 Pod Principal: Michelle Peterson
6-8 Pod Principal: Josh Guthrie
Supervisor of School Improvement: Megan Marino
Supervisor of Special Education: Melissa Ustik

McGuffey PK-8

3465 Tod Avenue NW, 44485 – Phone 330-675-6980
PK-2 Pod Principal: Jeanne Reighard
3-5 Pod Principal: Karen Zagorec
6-8 Pod Principal: James Joseph
Supervisor of School Improvement
Supervisor of Special Education: Denise Delaquila

Willard PK-8

2020 Willard Avenue SW, 44484 – Phone 330-675-8700
PK-2 Pod Principal: Carly Polder
3-5 Pod Principal: Skyeler Moenich-O’Neill
6-8 Pod Principal: Vicki Raptis
Supervisor of School Improvement: Stephanie Toporcer
Teacher on Special Assignment
                  of Special Education: Nina Gabrelcik