Superintendent’s Message, Sept. 13, 2021

Superintendent’s Message
Monday, September 13, 2021

WCS Families:
I wanted to take this opportunity after three weeks of school to send out a brief communication and update on a few areas of interest.

Laptop Distribution:
Each building is in the process of distributing devices to their students and/or parents based upon grade level for all students in good standing from the prior year (good standing defined as device was returned and working properly). If you do not yet have your child’s device please make arrangements with your school office as soon as possible. The devices will be utilized for academic work and need to be viable for any days school is not in session such as waiver days or any potential school closures we may encounter due to COVID 19. There have been rumors that we are preparing to be fully online or remote with different rumors stating different dates. This is simply not true. If conditions require remote learning, we will be better prepared than we were in the past 18 months however there is no predetermined date or plan for this and we wish our preparations never have to be utilized.

Waiver Day:
Wednesday, September 22, 2021, will serve as a waiver day for Warren City Schools. Students will not have class on this day however will be given assignments to complete. Teachers and non-teaching staff will participate in academic in-service training, safety training and other sessions related to the work of their department. I apologize for the late notice; we wanted to see how device distribution was going before making a final decision.

Just as in Trumbull County and in the State of Ohio, as expected, we continue to see COVID 19 cases on the rise. At this time we continue to work with local health officials to notify families if their child has been determined to be a contact and if they would need to quarantine. When we sent home letters we received a few questions regarding how it is possible that a person who tested positive has no contacts. This is determined based upon if they were wearing a mask or not, the days they were symptomatic, the day they received a positive test result, were they properly socially distanced from others, etc. Additionally, vaccination status also plays a role as to individuals in contact having to quarantine or not. With that said, we continue to follow the guidance from our local health officials and procedure they provided to us.
If your child has been determined to be a contact of an individual that tested positive for COVID 19, you will receive a call from a school representative and possibly the Warren City Health Department. If someone in your child’s classroom has tested positive for COVID 19, regardless of the distance they were from your child, the school will send home a letter with your child. If an individual in the school building has tested positive you will receive an electronic communication via Final Forms to the email address you have on file.

Steve Chiaro, Superintendent

RFQ for Construction Management at-Risk Services

The Board of Education of the Warren City School District is seeking sealed, signed, written qualification statements from qualified Construction Management firms to provide Construction Management at-Risk Services according to the requirements described in the Scope and other documents included with this Request For Qualifications (RFQ).

Read the full document here:

Request for Proposal, Harding Facade Porch Repair

The Warren City School District Board of Education is requesting proposals to restore the front porch area on the Warren G. Harding School Facade. It would include stone work using all of the available stones, patching stones as needed and repair foundations as needed. Addition of new drain system to go into existing storm system, replacement of landscaping and seed any damaged lawn areas. Removal and re-installation of floor stones, stairs, piers and railings would be included with power washing upon completion.

If you are interested in this project you may visit the site located at 860 Elm Rd., Warren, Ohio 44483 and submit your sealed bid to the Warren City Schools Board of Education, 105 High St. NE, Warren, Ohio 44481. For questions please email John Lacy, Executive Director of Business Operations at or

All proposals are due to the Board of Education by 3:00pm on July 16, 2021

Warren Harding Aquatics Team, Summer

I hope everyone is well and getting ready for a great summer! We are excited to be back to swimming, post pandemic! As many of you know, we are finishing up our Spring Stroke Clinic. We have had good participation and it has been a great 6 weeks of swimming. As we finish this session, we have also been preparing for our next session and have come up with a schedule we feel will give many swimmers the opportunity to fit swimming into their busy summer schedules! Please read the attached informational flyer regarding days, times and fees.

All practices will be at WGH Natatorium. This means, until further notice, we will still be following Covid 19 social distancing and sanitation protocols. Locker rooms are still not accessible for changing, please come to the pool dressed to swim. Locker rooms are available for restroom facilities. We will be asking for minimum spectators in the pool area. Please drop swimmers off if possible. Masks will need to be worn while in the natatorium. There are “W” stickers in the stands for swimmers and spectators to aid in the 6′ protocol. More info will be communicated as we get nearer to the start on June 14th.

If you have any questions about the practice schedule, covid protocols, group designations or any other concerns, please let us know. We are looking forward to our revised summer session!!

Steve Lukco
Warren Swimming

Letter to WGH Senior Families

May 21, 2021

WGH Senior Families:

On behalf of the Warren City School District Administration and Board of Education, we would like to congratulate you and your graduating senior on their success and perseverance as they navigated their way through the last two academic years in such extraordinary times.

The COVID 19 pandemic has created much stress and many regulations on each of us in our attempts to have a significant impact on public health and safety. It is with this in mind we are sending this additional communication to our families regarding our upcoming May 27th graduation ceremony.

The Warren City School District, and all Trumbull County Schools were informed on our most recent call with local health officials that given a graduation ceremony is indeed a school event, and health orders remain in place for our schools until June 2, 2021, it is expected that all participants and guests in attendance follow the health and safety protocols that have been in place during the COVID 19 pandemic. This includes the use of properly worn facial coverings, for all individuals, regardless of vaccination status, both indoors and outdoors. This also includes appropriate social distancing, families sitting together in designated locations, hand sanitizing, self-health monitoring and screening prior to attending the event.

Graduation is a special time for our seniors and their families and we want this event to be a culminating celebration for everyone involved. For this to happen, we need your support and cooperation as we strive to follow the health and safety guidelines and expectations set forth by our local health officials. Thank you, in advance, for making this day all it can be for our graduates!

Signed, Superintendent Steve Chiaro and Principal Dante Capers

Vaccine Requirements for Students Entering 7th Grade

April 01, 2021

Dear 6th grade parents,

The state of Ohio requires all students entering the 7th grade to have the meningococcal vaccine (also known as MCV4, Menevo or Menactra) in addition to one dose of Tdap (Tetanus, diphtheria and pertussis).

Meningococcal meningitis

Meningococcal meningitis is a rare but serious disease that develops rapidly and can claim a life in as little as one day. Of those who survive, approximately one in five are left with serious medical problems like amputation, deafness, and brain damage.  Teens are at increased risk of meningococcal meningitis. This increased risk may be due to activities like sharing utensils and kissing.

Tetanus, diphtheria, and pertussis (Tdap)

Tetanus causes painful tightening of the muscles, usually all over your body; diphtheria causes a thick covering in the back of the throat and can also lead to breathing problems, paralysis, heart failure, and even death; pertussis causes coughing spells and can lead to pneumonia, seizures, brain damage, and death, particularly in infants.

Vaccination is the best way to protect someone from getting the disease.

You may obtain these vaccines from your child’s health care provider or other community resource.  A HEALTH HEROES vaccination clinic will be offered at your child’s school on May 17th (more information will be sent home at a later date).

Students who do not provide documentation of these immunizations to the school this fall are subject to exclusion.  If there are medical/religious or philosophical reasons your child cannot receive immunizations, please contact the school clinic for an Immunization Exemption Form.

Thank you,

Janene Fitzpatrick BSN RN LSN
District RN Supervisor for Warren City Schools
Akron Children’s Hospital, School Health Services

Attached CDC “2021 Recommended Immunizations for Children from 7 Through 18 Years Old”