Hundreds Gather for WCS Back To School Celebration 2022-2023!

Students, parents, teachers, administrators and community leaders gathered Downtown at Courthouse Square on Wednesday, Aug. 17, 2022, for Warren City Schools Back to School Celebration.

The WGH Raider Marching Band played and Harding Football made a grand entrance as the Harding Cheering Squad greeted the 2022 lineup along with others at the square.

“This has been wonderful for the kids, whole families,” said Amanda Masula, whose sons attend Williard PK-8 School. “We really appreciate the schools and all of the effort that has gone into doing this for the kids, all of us really.”

Each of the district’s five schools was represented along with the school board and various school departments. Children received books and other gifts, participated in a variety of activities including face painting and enjoyed refreshments.

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