Warren Philharmonic Orchestra String Trio Brings ‘Small’ Performances to Warren Schools

A string trio from the Warren Philharmonic Orchestra spent some time with students at Warren’s four PK-8 schools the first week of May.

These small performances at Jefferson PK-8, Lincoln PK-8, McGuffey PK-8 and Willard PK-8 schools were  a creative way to bring the Warren Philharmonic Orchestra to schools instead of students going to see the orchestra in a formalized concert hall. Previously, trips to the concert hall have been limited to 3rd-graders.

However, the school visits included multiple grades, providing opportunities for a larger number of students to experience the live music in a more intimate setting where they could ask the musicians questions and interact with them more freely.

The orchestra was able to visit the schools due the cancellation of its annual countywide concert. The performances were funded through grant money the orchestra secured for its programming.

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