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Energy In Motion: WGH Students Get Hands-On to Explore Potential v. Kinetic

Through hands-on learning students at Warren G. Harding have been identifying the differences between potential and kinetic energy.

Students began studying Newton’s Laws of Motions and general physics in February 2022 in Victoria Midgett’s Physical Science at Warren G. Harding High School.

“Hands-on activities are always a great way for students to learn and understand what is happening because they can actually demonstrate whatever the target at hand is on their own,” Midgett explained.

The purpose of this lab is to determine where the transfer of potential energy to kinetic energy took place, and identify where Newton’s First and Third Laws are demonstrated.  The students explore the effects of different materials on the energy.

A recent activity involved students dropping different types of balls and measuring their rebound from the ground.  They then dropped the same ball type on different surfaces and took similar measurements.  Lastly, students dropped different ball types and measured the initial bounce height, second bounce and total all in one drop. 

All of the data was compiled and then used to answer wrap up questions that aided in proving their purpose of the lab.

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