21st Century Branches into STEM-Based Options

In addition to our traditional programs like Art, Cooking, Yoga and Fitness, the 21st Century After Hours program has added a few STEM-based options for students. 

Stem is Us is a program that explores Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.  Dr. Sheri Cameron (formerly of Youngstown State University) uses engaging lessons to introduce students to the Scientific Method of completing tasks and solving problems. 

C.O.D.E. Warriors is a computer coding program too by computer engineer and district graduate Mr. Jeff Butts.  This program introduces students to the computer codes that enable cell phones, video games and many everyday electronic devices to operate successfully.   

Brite Energy Innovators is a company based in downtown Warren dedicated to finding safe, clean and effective ways to create and store energy.  They are teaching our students how to build batteries as well as simple machines (like mini robots) that are powered by alternative energy sources. 

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