Request for Proposal. Facade Porch Repairs

Request for Proposal, Harding Facade Porch Repair

The Warren City School District Board of Education is requesting proposals to restore the front porch area on the Warren G. Harding School Facade. It would include stone work using all of the available stones, patching stones as needed and repair foundations as needed. Addition of new drain system to go into existing storm system, replacement of landscaping and seed any damaged lawn areas. Removal and re-installation of floor stones, stairs, piers and railings would be included with power washing upon completion.

If you are interested in this project you may visit the site located at 860 Elm Rd., Warren, Ohio 44483 and submit your sealed bid to the Warren City Schools Board of Education, 105 High St. NE, Warren, Ohio 44481. For questions please email John Lacy, Executive Director of Business Operations at or

All proposals are due to the Board of Education by 3:00pm on July 16, 2021

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