Lincoln 2nd-grader named cop for a day

Lincoln 2nd-grader Named Honorary Warren Police Officer

Krista Monsman has always been about helping people.

And, remarked the Lincoln PK-8 School 2nd grader, “What better way to do that than to serve as a police officer?”

The 8-year-old, who uses a wheelchair for mobility, said she would like nothing better than to pursue a career in law enforcement.

On Wednesday, she was given the opportunity to serve as an honorary Warren City Police Officer for a day after being sworn in by Michael Currington, a Warren City Police and School Resource Officer, who presented her with a police photo ID.

During the ceremony, attended by Krista’s parents and grandfather, Lincoln 2nd-graders and school leaders, Warren Mayor Doug Franklin proclaimed the day, Tuesday, Feb. 19, 2020, as Krista Monsman Day.

“This proclamation is to Krista Monsman, a second grade student, for her care, and compassion for others, her willingness to learn and her positive attitude,” Mayor Franklin said. “She is an outstanding example to all, especially to her fellow students, and to me as the mayor.”

Krista was unaware of the ceremony until after she entered the school gymnasium and Officer Currington called her to the platform.

“Since I’ve known her she has always been such a friendly, helpful student,” Currington said. “She’s told me she wants to be a police officer. She’s got a big heart, huge personality, great sense of humor, is always willing to help, just a great all around kid. She has all the traits to be a great police officer.”

Monsman can look forward to many opportunities working in law enforcement, such as serving as a dispatcher, becoming an analysts, even specializing in investigating cyber crimes, noted Currington.

“I’m just really happy right now,” Krista said. “I’m so happy they made this happen for me, that (Officer Currington) did this. “It’s a perfect day.”

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