Parents looking to change the address in their student’s file may do so at the Board of Education (105 High Street, NE) on weekdays from 8am-3:45pm. For your child’s safety, you must bring the following information:

  1. Your Photo ID
  2. Current Proof of Residency in the Warren City School District:
  • Utility bill (with top and bottom portion intact) – electric, gas, water (where the service and billing address are the same)
  • Signed lease/rental agreement with contact information for the landlord
  • Monthly mortgage statement in the parent’s name for the given address
  • Aide to Dependent Children (ADC) or Social Security (SSI) benefit letter (current within 2 weeks)
  • Home or auto insurance information for the given address in the parent’s name
  • Work or other income check stubs in the parent’s name with the given address
  • Other records as required by section 3313.64 for other custody or residency situations

For more information, please contact Rosalyn Edmonson or Dalene Behlke at the Board of Education. 330-841-2321